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icon Thanks again for great service icon
icon Been coming here for years and hopefully many more to come icon
icon Anaesthesia has come on a long way since I was six! Great result on the front teeth thanks! icon
icon Loved it!! icon
icon Really pleased to see you have a Defibrillator in reception – well done! icon
icon Brilliant always. Big thank you to the wonderful Tracy, So reassuring!
Thank you Susan, you did an amazing job. icon
icon Thank you for fixing my teeth so well. I promise I'll take care of it icon
icon Thank you Susan. An amazing Dentist. Brilliant advice always and so gentle. I didn't feel a thing! icon
icon Thank you Susan amazing dental work, perfect colour match many thanks icon
icon Dr. Ruple, You are simply magical at Dentistree!!! icon
icon Absolutely brillian dentists – thanks to Shareena, Darshak, Zoe, Daniela and especially Tracy who always gives the most fantastic welcome. A pleasure to come here (and it has been 20 years!!) icon
icon Thank you – kids very happy icon
icon I love this dentist! They are so gentle with your teeth icon
icon Thank you for your most excellent treatment and professionalism. Much appreciated icon
icon Beautiful Atmosphere. Really great vibe. Keep passing this on to every patient that comes in for treatment…
Keep smiling icon